Sunday, 2 March 2008

Interesting week !

This week has seen a very mixed bag of jobs, I have shot a couple of commercial assignments both interior and exterior architectural shoots. The next weddings have produced a couple of pre wedding portrait shoots and I have spent two days working on wildlife stock images.

As I mentioned in my last post my move away from press work is giving me the chance to do some projects that have interested me for some time. One of these stock days was spent at Formby Point in Merseyside.

Here I wanted to build up a selection of new images and here is one of my personal picks from this trip. Next week should enable me to get some time in the field again.

On a technical note I have been testing the new apple aperture update and doing some side by side comparisons with Light Room. In the end for me and my style of working Light Room wins hands down.

The two applications share many good features. It seems Aperture 2.0 has become more like Light Room but in the end Apple just don't seem to hit the mark with this package. Yes it quicker and the user interface is much improved compared to V1.0 Adobe just seem to understand the needs of photographer better.

I am please to say I will be staying with Light Room

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