Friday, 29 February 2008

A Change Of Direction

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Sorry its been a few weeks since my last Blog Post !! We have been very busy over the past weeks with lot of new bookings for both this year as well as 2009 and 2010. Since my last post we have attended 5 wedding fairs including the UK Wedding Show at GMEX or should I say Manchester Central. A lot of time has also gone into planning the next few training sessions and sorting out one or two changes to our digital workflow.

So what's this picture all about then? For many years Press and news photography as been a massive part of my working life, but as the wedding photography business grew it became very difficult to find time for my own photography.

I needed to make a choice as to how I want my photographic career to develop. The world of press photography has changed beyond imagination since I first got into the industry (a few years ago). Today its main interest is celebrity pictures and a perverse desire for scandal. As a result I have decided to stop the mainstream press work and concentrate on developing the wedding photography and photographic training and I am starting to develop a new side of the business to replace the press photography.

I have always enjoyed wildlife and landscape photography and felt the time was right to do some work which interested and stimulated me. I must admit spending the day photographing wildlife is much more rewarding than standing outside a cold courtroom waiting for a few grab shots of the latest front page murder trial.

I will be doing much more stock photography and using a number of online agents to market my own personal work. I must admit that the change in my mental outlook has been massive after making the move away from press work. It is so pleasant to be in nice locations and working alongside some great photographers without the intense competition and time deadlines. I feel my photography will improve as a result and both Stephanie and myself are enjoying planning some stock photography trips in the near future.

The image with this post is one of my first fine art prints which are just starting go out to my agents and galleries so it really does mark a big change in direction for me.

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Jen M said...

Love the image! Best of luck in your change of direction. It's so important to keep the passion alive so you don't burn out.