Thursday, 1 November 2007

Child Rescue Project India

I spent most of today working on some images I took whilst documenting a rescue centre for children in India. It was a great project to be involved with and we met some truly fantastic people doing some very vital work. It was a shock to me to discover the spread of child prostitution and abuse when working on this project.

I hope to be able to travel to India again possibly in 2008 to look at the life of some of these children before they reach the rescue centre.

These kids were the most friendly and appreciative young people I have come across and they left a very lasting impression on both Stephanie and myself.


Patrick Owen said...

Steve, very nice images. Its great to see a wedding photojournalist who does infact understand the meaning of the word photojournalist. I am so angry bt the way people claim to be journalist when they are little more than snap shooters. I will contine to read your blog with interest. Also maybe you should make more of the fact that you are a fully paid up NUJ accredited photographer. Just a thought.

One point in relation to your testing the M8 did you use the IR filter for these shots?

Patrick (uk)

Steve Ashton said...

Thanks for the comments Patrick. I must admit even as a professional photographer I get cofused by the term "wedding photojournalist" in some cases. But there are some true masters of the craft out there.

I have tried a true journalistic style with my wedding photography but always seem forced by market trend to offer a more mixed approach. Our clients in most cases want a combination of "reportage" images along with a selection of more traditional family photographs. This is very much the way we work with the journalistic content taking a lesser or greater emphasis dependant on the clients wishes.

If I worked as a true wedding photojournalist I think I would fail to meet my clients expectations and also fail to pay my bills!

In terms of my NUJ membership I don't see it has any relevance to weding clients and I hate to say it but in the age of citizen journalist it has little relevance to press work.

In relation to my M8 test images No filter was used and the colour files were stunning. Are you a Leica user?

Bitrot said...

This is a terrific set, Steve. I loved the short DoF and the super-sharp faces on the children. You can tell you're a professional! :¬)