Monday, 29 October 2007

In The Bag (Part 1)

I hav had a number of e-mails over the last few weeks requesting details the camera gear I use for wedding work. So here goes.

Firstly its ALL Canon. We changed from Nikon 3 years ago as Nikon seemed to be refusing to introduce a decent professional digital body. Having survived on Fuji S3 bodies for a while and having major problems with the D2x so much so that Nikon refunded us on two bodies, we made the expensive move over to Canon have have never looked back.

The gear I carry with me at weddings is just about the same as used for editorial and press work. I do carry a lot of equipment in the car but only take a small selection with me whilst covering specific parts of the wedding.

In a LowPro rucksack I have the following

2 x Canon EOS 1DmkIII Bodies
1 x Canon EOS 1DSmkII Body (used with extreme wide lenses)
15mm F2.8
16-35mm F2.8 (soon to be replaced with MKII)
24-70mm F2.8
50mm F1.2
85mm F1.2
70-200mm F2.8
580EXII Speedlight

In a Roller case which lives in the car and contains a full set of spares I also carry

300mm F2.8
2x 5D Bodies
Quantum Turbo 2x2 power Pack
24mm F1.4
Small Portable Flash Kit (More details in a later post)
Plus all those little bits and bobs we all collect

Remember at most weddings there will be two of us shooting and Stephanie will use most of the above gear at some point.
She tends to use the Canon 5D bodies as they are much lighter and more compact.

We use SanDisk flash cards and in the 1 series bodies I backup to SD card as I am shooting.

In the main I will shoot with two bodies and 2 lenses (24-70mm and the 70-200) but of late I have been using the 50mm a lot and love it to bits. At specific parts of the day I swap lenses if needed, caring my chosen kit in a small Think Tank bag which is fantastic. It seems to have been made to carry a standard Canon kit.

Were possible I avoid flash and if have the time to use prime lenses the zooms get left behind. They are just to heavy to carry all day.

Hope this helps and to clos ethis post... The one thing I must emphasise is the importance of having a full set of backup gear. Believe me two cameras CAN go wrong in one day.

At some point I will post a picture of all this little lot and how we carry (or roll) it about.

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