Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Light up the sky

A short time ago I added the new Canon 50mm F1.2L lens to my kit, but had not had the time to give it a good test in very low light levels. I have over the past few weeks grown to love this lens for wedding work, so much so I have started to work with a Canon 1DS body to get the best out of this focal length.

On Monday night I managed to pop along to the local bonfire and try a few shots with the lens in VERY low light. Here are the files direct from the camera. The lens performs very well but the usual Canon issue of low light focusing was the main problem. At wedding I tend to use the remote flash unit as an auto focus aid which works very well for things like first dance shots.

Whilst nothing special these shots do show what is possible with a lens such as this. All shots were wide open at F1.2 using 1600 iso on the 1Ds MKII.

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