Friday, 10 September 2010

Bartle Hall Wedding Photography | Georgina and Mark

Fun fun and more fun.. that sums up this amazing wedding in my old home town of Morecambe. Gina is one of those brides who is so relaxed and such a lovely person that she is just a pleasure to be around. You can see happiness on every single frame from this wedding. As for Mark, well he is just one of life's nice guys and he is a real character to say the least.

The day started in Torisholme at the church were I shot my very first wedding, more years ago than I care to remember. It really was a blast from the past for me. The Wedding reception was at one of our most popular venues Bartle Hall about 40min drive from Morecambe.

The actual wedding service was a real emotional experience and at one point I looked up from the camera and could see just about every person in the church with a tear in their eye.

The bridesmaids were a great bunch of girls who just beamed and looked stunning all day but a special thanks must go to Marks best man, he was a star all day and by the time we left he was a real dab hand with the Quadras.

The entire day was great but the highlight had to be when Mark sang to Gina just before the first dance.

Now I have had grooms sing at wedding before, but Mark really can sing!! He was a West End singer some years ago and did a fantastic performance. Within seconds he had the entire wedding reception on the dance floor. This was followed by a fantastic first dance. To any brides reading this if you want you wedding reception to be a massive hit, ask Mark to come and do your entertainment. He is a natural performer, and it was great to have a first dance last more than a few seconds.

All in all one of the best weddings I have covered in many ways.. Here are just a few images from the day. Hope you enjoy viewing them.




















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