Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Nikon D3s D3X or good old D3 ??

I have over the last week or so received a lot of e-mails asking which pro camera you should buy from the Nikon range.

We now shoot on Nikon D3s bodies which are all in all the best cameras we have used to date for our style of low light photography. In all honesty it is only the low light capability of the D3s which attracted me. Video is a new and developing tool for stills cameras and to be honest I can live without it. However high quality high ISO performance is the one thing which will draw Stephanie or myself to a camera.

My reply to anybody asking which camera to get is always the same. When you need it you will know. If you need to ask the question your not ready for a change. As for Pro bodies people never seem to consider the Nikon D700, which is due to be upgraded. As an all round pro camera it takes some beating. Chances are the camera replacing the D700 will be as good if not better than the D3s in terms of low light performance.So unless you need a camera built like a tank that can shoot at crazy fast frame rates, I would say the D700 is the best option.

Some people who never really use a camera to a fraction of its ability get hung up on gear...... some people just take pictures others with more money than sense must have the latest BIG camera. In the end buy what you need or what you want.

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John W Photography said...

Good advice - you WILL know when you're ready to upgrade. I too use the Nikon D3s and I love it. And I agree with you on the video, which steals all of the headlines, but its the very strong capabilities of the camera and new sensor that are amazing. Especially the low light, high ISO - we keep saying, 'It Makes Light,' because it seems to see light my eyes can't see.

I Love my D3s!