Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Emma and Gavin's Wedding At The Grand, Lytham

Every once and a while you get to really enjoy a wedding shoot. All weddings are very different but some just shine through. The thing that makes weddings special for me is emotion and Emma and Gav's wedding emotion just overflowed.

The day was a photographers dream with a stunning bride and groom in a fantastic location with great guests. Its been some time since we worked at the Grand Hotel in Lytham, in fact since we were last there the Hotel has been given a multi million pound revamp and boy has it made a difference. From a photography point of view this place simply rocks!!!

Here is a link to the Grand Hotel

Here in no particular order are a few of our images from the day. For the photographer reading the blog, there was no fancy flash stuff, just simple daylight and the D3s at last a camera which lets me leave the flash gun at home. This wedding was a little different to our normal wedding coverage. Whilst we did a lot of reportage photography, we also spent a lot of time with the bride and groom capturing available light portraits using interior locations around the hotel. So a bit of a change for us but a very enjoyable one!!!

















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Lynn said...

WOW! These are outstanding images. xxx