Sunday, 31 August 2008

Wedding Venues in The North West

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We often get phone calls and e-mails asking for advice on choosing wedding venues. This must be one of the hardest choices facing couples planning a wedding.

Over the years we have worked at many venues some great some not so great. Here are a few we consider to be the very best in our local area.

Stanley House Hotel.

The Netherwood Hotel.

Bartle Hall.

The Great Hall At Mains.

Gibbon Bridge.

Merewood Hotel.

Farington Lodge.

We are happy to work at any UK location and a little further from home we have very high regard for the following wedding venues

Knowsley Hall.

Crew Hall.

Arley Hall.

Meols Hall.
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These are just a few of the many superb venues in the North West. We have worked at many more and over the next few weeks we will add to this list of our personal reccomendations.

If you are planning a wedding and need help or advice on choosing a venue we are more than happy to help. Please feel free to email or contact us through this blog.

One point we are often asked is if we have worked at a venue before. From my point of view having been there before is of little help and certainly won't produce better images. Every wedding is unique and every day is unique. As a photographer I love to work at new venues and find I get a lot of creative inspiration from working in a new location.

I always however ensure that we visit a new location before we photograph a wedding there. This is just to ensure I can make the most of my photographic time on the wedding day.

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Anonymous said...

Steve, Your post was well times my self and my fiancee Mark are searching the net for suitable locations right now.

Thanks for such a good source of information. By the way your pictures are stunning.

Many thanks Emma & Mark