Sunday, 31 August 2008

More of Fiona & Phil

Here is another image from the wedding of Fiona & Phil. This time taken using some location lighting equipment. Follow the image link for some information on how we created this image.

As with all my latest work these were captured on the Nikon D3 camera with a selection of Nikkor lenses. In the case of these images the 14-24mm and the 24-70mm.

The last two weddings of August saw Stephanie using Nikon cameras for the first time. She has changes her canon kit to a full Nikon outfit. After viewing the results she is very happy with the new gear.

Given the weight of the Nikon D3 Stephanie decided to go with the Nikon D700 as her main cameras with the D300 as a reserve. From the short time I have spent using the Nikon D700 I can honestly say it must be the ideal camera for wedding photographers. A superb and very capable camera.

The D700 shares much of the capability of the D3 in a smaller lighter body. The only issue I have with Nikon is the lack of lenses available for sale in the UK. In fact I can understand with the number of photographers moving from Canon to Nikon why the key system lenses are in such short supply.

We have managed to get most of what we need but boy has it been hard work.

Our standard kit consists of two bodies each along with 14-24mm 24-70mm and 70-200mm lenses We each then carry specialist lenses to suit specific jobs. These in the main are micro or fisheye lenses or in some cases perspective control or long telephotos. The quality of the new Nikkor lenses has amazed me and as well as being superb quality are a real pleasure to use. The image below was taken with the 14-24mm F2.8 Nikkor.

This is a style of work that we both enjoy so any bride and grooms who want to have some fun with their wedding photography please give us a call.

Fiona & Phil

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Anonymous said...

This is so nice to see such a new slant on wedding photography. This is a fantastic image.