Thursday, 18 November 2010

The First Few Years

Five years ago we photographed the wedding of Matt & Debbie. Since their wedding day we have enjoyed being their photographers as each of their beautiful children have come along. Cameron was days old when we first met him, nearly four years ago.

Since that first phone call we have had many portrait shoots with the family. It would be fair to say we have got to know them all very well. They now have three amazing children. Matt and Debbie are fantastic parents and its also been a joy to see their family grow as the years go by.

Last week we photographed the latest addition to the family, Tom only weeks old, joined by his older brother and sister.

Seeing Cameron gave me great pleasure, having seen him as a baby he has grown into a really fine and polite young man. He is a real credit to his parents. Lilly is now a real little lady, blonde and pretty.

Here is a very short video of the first few years of Cameron's life... I hope you really enjoy watching the video.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. We've just watched  it 3 times and I can't stop the tears!! It's absolutely lovely and seeing the pictures together just shows how much and how quickly our little darling has grown. Thank you so much it makes me really excited about the future album. It'll be really special. Thanks as always your pictures are truly beautiful.  And such a lovely write up.

Deb Ainscough

reportage wedding photographer said...

Stunning, you must really feel like a part of the family now.