Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Castlefield Manchester Pre Wedding Shoot | Heather and Ben

We have known Heather & Ben for a good few years now, in fact we became friends after photographing Ben's sisters wedding some years ago, so it was great to be invited to photograph their own wedding, which takes place later this month.

I have also worked with Ben on a number of commercial shoots and I regard him as one of the most creative people I have had the pleasure to work with over the years. So after a good long chat about the wedding and life in general we found ourselves quickly running out of light.

My style of portrait photography seems to be changing. I am finding I use black and white much less, colours are becoming more important in my images and the subjects are becoming much smaller in the frame, they are in many cases now secondary to the location. Not sure were the change came from it just seemed to evolve over a period of time.

I know I am enjoying portrait shoots more and more as I experiment with new ideas. These are my personal picks from the shoot. Let me know what you think. Now I need to stop playing and get on with the wedding edits which are quickly mounting up.

The main reason I did these tonight was simply as a test. I shot in JPG mode not my normal RAW workflow. The RAW files from the shoot will be worked on in the next few days. Its one of the great things about photography, you never stop learning and never stop looking for new ideas.









Jeff A said...

I like these... I love how clean your images look in terms of colour and tone.

I am so fed up of seeing special effects and strange colours used by many photographers to hide a basic lack of understanding of photography.

The new style still manages to capture the personality of the subject and not just show off some new flash system and its ability to kill off and sense of reality.

Enjoy the experiments an well done.

Steve Ashton said...

Thanks for the kind words Jeff and I know exactly what you mean;) Flash on location has become a very strange concept for many people in my opinion. I know I will enjoy introducing this new style to our weddings.


Sophie said...

I like them as well. What a lovely couple. Love the shot of the guy, Ben, he looks Hot !!

Flower Design Jane said...

So Beautiful!

Heather said...

Thanks Sophie. Not only is he hot, he's also busy in the kitchen making dinner. Doesn't get better than that !

Steve Ashton said...

You just have it to easy Heather !!! Must say I do like your look in the photo of you on your own.... might even go as far as saying you look pretty hot too!!