Monday, 26 July 2010

Jackie & Chris Pre Wedding Shhot

Just a few images from our latest pre wedding shoot with Jackie and Chris. They get married at the superb Bartle Hall Hotel in August.

looks like it will be a great wedding!!




Things are nice and busy here at the moment, keeping on top of all the editing, pre wedding meetings and pre wedding shoots. The average wedding, if there is such a thing, takes about three days to edit and work it's way through our post production system. So it really is constant long days in the digital dark room for me at this time of year.

Tomorrow we are collecting a new lens, the Nikkor 70-200mm F2.8, this will be replacing my old version of this lens which has simply worn out. Will it be better than the old lens? Possibly but not that much, the 70-200 is my most used lens so in the next few days we shall start to see some results. Talking of lenses we are still waiting with anticipation the release of the new Nikkor 85mm, which should be released in the next few weeks..... We have been waiting for this lens for over two years now, so who knows what Nikon will come up with.

Talking of new equipment, I discovered what after only two jobs has become a vital item of equipment. The Black Rapid camera straps. They are simply superb and one of the best bits of camera gear I have ever used. The weight of two Nikon D3s bodies with F2.8 lenses is very heavy and after 12 hours on you feet at a wedding this weight becomes a real problem.

The Black rapid straps simply take away the problem and give a massive increase in speed of operation. They are expensive but when you consider they make the £10Ks worth of equipment more responsive and weightless the price tag is small.

Here is a link to the Black Rapid web site. These straps get a massive 10/10 from me. I can't remember being this impressed with a single item of camera gear since the release of the Nikon D3.

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Flower Design Jane said...

Crikey that sounds like a lot of work, love the pre-wedding shoot images they are so gorgeous