Friday, 21 May 2010

The Queens Visit To Scarborough

Yesterday saw a little change of pace for Stephanie and myself, we were commisioned as official photographers to record the the Queens first visit to Scarborough in 40 years. I have done a good few Royal visits in my years as a press photographer and worked the Royal Rota before, but never have I had such unrestricted access as yesterday.

We rode in the official cars and we were at times only a few feet away from the Queen. It was such an honour to be commisioned to record this historic visit. The Palace Press staff and the Police were fantastic, at one point I even managed to get a lift in one of the Police Range Rovers, Thanks guys you did an amazing job!!

I don't think I will ever forget the feeling of being driven down streets lined with people waving Union Jacks all trying to get a glimps of who was riding in our car.. simply an awsome day

Now as for pictures we are still busy editing and doing post production work ready for our clients presentation but this frame just stood out at me last night. I just love thr relaxed happy feel, so here is a very quick sneak preview.

Loads more images will follow once we have received official release, needless to say the Queen looked fantastic as ever, she is such an amazing lady. We are so lucky to have her and she really does make me so proud to be British.

Stephanie and myself are still on such a high.... we will be talking about yesterday for many years to come.

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Flower Design Jane said...

We're so proud of you two, I love the image too.