Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Nikkor 24mm F1.4 Lens

I moved over to Nikon Cameras when the D3 was launched about 2 years ago now and a Nikon rep I spoke to promised then we would have fast prime lenses available soon to go with the new D3, well soon has just arrived and two updates of the D3 later in the shape of a Nikkor 24mm F1.4 ED lens.

I was expecting a price tag of about £1,000 for this lens only to find a £2,000 list price when I got my e-mail asking if I wanted to pre order. Despite looking a very nice lens and one which would find a place in my bag, I think the price is crazy. Lets hope the UK price drops when the lens hits the shelves in March, but for now I have to say no thanks Nikon. Also released today was a 16-35mm F4 wide angle zoom, We use the 14-24mm so this new lens won't be temping us either.

Its a shame that after a two year wait for the fast primes all we get is a very overpriced 24mm and we still don't have access to the magic 1.2 that Canon shooters have.

God how I wish I still had those fast Canon lenses. I really do despare with Nikon at times having still not got over the disgust at needing to buy raw software for a £4k camera........ Still in another 2 tears we may have a replacement for the old 85mm F1.4 god forbid a fast 35mm, what are they playing at?

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