Friday, 8 January 2010

Winter In Detail


Hope you are managing to cope with the snow and ice this week. I keep looking at the news and wishing I was back in my press photography days.

When the weather was very bad like this we would be sent out to capture images showing how the conditions were causing problems. Yes it was a cold job with lots of driving in poor conditions, but it meant I could roam around just looking for shots without the normal brief or time pressure of normal press work.

Many great days were had following emergency services about in the snow or being sent to odd places searching for that exclusive image that just told the whole story in one picture which would make the front page.

These days I don't do that type of work but what the weather conditions have done, is make me see some very common day to day objects in a whole new light. Each day over the past week I have picked up a camera and just closed in on small details which in the passed I failed to notice.The light is also superb at this time of year so get out there with your camera Its good fun and produces some interesting results. Give it a try.

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