Saturday, 5 December 2009

The Nikon D3s Arrived Today

Nikon D3s

We took delivery of a Nikon D3s Body today. My initial reaction to the release of this camera was that we would skip a D3 generation and wait for the D4. But after seeing the fantastic high ISo performance and then considering the possibility of using video capture at weddings we just had to get one.

David at Wilkinson Cameras in Preston never fails to come up with the goods for me and after only deciding we needed the camera at about 11pm on Friday and phoning David at 9.30am Saturday the camera was in my hands before lunchtime. The service from these guys is superb.

As for the D3s only time will tell but after setting up the camera last night and doing some quick test shots I can say I am amazed at the low light performance, 12800iso is fantastic. I am also realy exited about using video capture and developing new wedding and portrait products using multi media packages. That was the main reason we decided to purchase the D3s.

Watch this space multi media wedding coverage is here and it looks fantastic!!

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