Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Nikon D3s At work and a bit of play!!!

Here are some sample images from the new Nikon D3s. Collected the camera on Friday and use it at a wedding on Sunday. Simply the best camera I have ever used, I can't say more than that. Shot the entire wedding at ISO1000 or greater. The image of the little boy was at 12800iso and on screen is stunning.


Zoe & Mike got married on Sunday with a late ceremony so it was dark outside to say the least. I was so confident of the low light capability of this camera I just left the flash gun in the bag. I didn't use flash all day!!!!


As for the video facility, well I had to try it, a big learning curve lies ahead but boy is it going to be fun. This video is direct from the camera just converted to mono.

Early days but multi media for me is the way foreward.

We need to look into suitable editing software and work out just were moving images fit in to our wedding coverage. This was the very first time I have ever used video capture so please excuse the quality of filming and editing. The main thing is we know the camera can do the job, now we need to learn how to use and integrate this new equipment into our everyday image capture.

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Jonny Draper Photography said...

Magnificent Steve, the low-light stuff is mind blowing!

As for the the video element - it looks far superior to the kit I used to use when shooting wedding video. Truly amazing quality!