Wednesday, 25 November 2009

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Its no secret I have been a life long user and big fan of Leica cameras. My love affair with Leica started som 20 years ago with the purchase of a used M3 body and 35mm lens. I have used M6, M7, and of late the M8. Well no more!!

the Leica M8 was in the end a disaster and in my opinion no better than a prototype. The control layout and image quality at high ISo meant it was unsuitable for professional work and to be honest the feel of the camera was so bad and the quirky way it dealt with bright lights meant it was of no use for my personal work either.

So along came the M9 and with it the hope that I would at last be able to once again use Leica's for my photography. After a very brief spell with a M9 I quickly realised it was not going to be. Still the same poor layout and cheap feel with a price tag that just could not be justified.

I have now sold all my Leica gear and will be using the Nikon's for all my professional and personal work from now on. It was not easy to part with the Leica's but it seems they just can't get digital right, for me anway. Im sure some people love them but no matter how I try the M8 or M9 just don't work for me.

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Having moved from Canon to Nikon when the D3 was released I still wait with eager anticipation the release of some new fast and wide nikkor lenses. I am desperate to get hold of the Nikkor 24mm F1.4 and new 85mm F1.4 which are being mentioned on the internet.......oh how I wish I had kept the fast Canon lenses even if only for my personal photography. They would have been great on a new 5Dmk2.

So please Nikon get these new lenses out quickly we need them.... I need them as good as the Nikkor fast zooms are there is a big hole in my camera bag which needs filling. I have gone all year waiting for the new Nikkors and not purchased a new lens or camera... thats a first for me and I need an equipment fix.


We are looking at using video capture at weddings with the latest breed of video recording DSLR's but the D3s seems a small improvement over the D3 to justify a £6,000 outlay for the business, so for the one and only time in my life long love of photography is there no new camera I want, it feels really strange but the D3 has been so good I don't want to change them and the D700 is a dream camera for wedding work. I guess I will just keep saving for these new Nikkor lenses when they arrive and there is talk of a D4 being tested so who knows what 2010 will bring.

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