Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Sarah & Jamie Wedding

Sarah_ Jamie_0775

Its always great to be asked by another photographer to photograph their daughter wedding but at the same it can often be intimidating when you know you are going to be working with a well respected photographer as a subject. Well in the case of Sarah and Jamie we had a great day and dad managed to keep his camera packed away for MOST of the day.

Sarah_ Jamie_0836

The reception was helf at Ferrari's Hotel in Lancashire and we had some great weather to help us all along. Sarah has been a subject of dads cameras since she was born and proved to be a natural on the day. Jamie was also a superb subject in fact it was all we could do to pull him away from the Ford Mustang, which Sarah had got him as a surprise wedding present... Sorry Jamie it was only for the day!!!

Sarah_ Jamie_0986

Sarah_ Jamie_1075

Sarah_ Jamie_1309
Sarah_ Jamie_1336

Sarah_ Jamie_1350

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