Friday, 28 August 2009

Lauren & Martin

As August comes to a close we are reaching the point in the wedding season when life becomes a bit more relaxed for us. The months of 12 and 14 weddings on the run are over and we have a nice run up to the end of the year with 1 or at the most 2 weddings per week.

So loads of time to catch up with the post production and start to consider some more personal photographic projects and finish off work on the new house.

The next few posts will show the latest work we have done in July and August and I am pleased to say we are fully upto date with all our post production work, we are going into this weekends weddings with a clear ''To Edit'' folder on our main production computers.

Stephanie's workload however continues to increase as many of our clients have placed orders for their albums. The run up to xmas and the end of the year is always busy in terms of album design and construction as all our albums are made by myself its not a job I have ever been happy out sourcing, we just like to have the final word when it come to album quality. The vast majority of our wedding albums come from Australia so I expect MR Fed EX will be a regular visitor to the studio.

Here are some images from the wedding of Lauren and Martin, who married in the lovley town of Frodsham in Cheshire followed by a wedding reception at the Portal Hotel & Golf Resort

We have been blessed with some fantastic clients this year and some amazing locations. This wedding was no exeption. Both Stephanie and myself really enjoyed working at the Portal Hotel with its amazing landscaped grounds. I hope we are there again soom.

Hope you enjoy the images

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Jonny Draper Photography said...

Fantastic selection of posts there Steve - you and Steph certainly have been busy this summer and you got some gorgeous images along the way!