Thursday, 28 May 2009

Latest Weddings

With May our busiest month of the year comming to a close, here are some images from the wedding of Laura and Michael. Despite a very wet day everybody had a great time including Stephanie and myself.We seem to blessed with some great clients at the moment work realy is a pleasure. Laura kept smiling all day and the fun and emotion at this wedding really show through in the pictures.

Thanks guys it was great to be with you on your big day. The reception was held at the superb Bartle Hall Hotel and Nicola ran the day with her normal realaxed and very efficient style. Wedding at Bartle Hall always seem so relaxed, as soon as you walk through the door you get a feeling everything is under control. Without doubt one of our top tips for a wedding venue in the Preston area.

The cameras have taken a dousing this month with so many wet wedding but unlike the Canon's they continue to deliver the results regardless of what the weather throws at them. In the next few weeks I hope to post some more technical stuff for you photographers out there.

The editing for Mays weddings is going great which considering we have moved away from Apple computers and are now using PC's for all our main image editing has been a pleasant surprise. The swap over went without a problem and I must say I am enjoying working on a PC. But more about that later. Here are some pictures...











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