Wednesday, 11 March 2009

An Evening With Flower Design

Tonight Stephanie attended a great wedding evening in Lytham. The event was hosted by Jane & Sally from Flower Design who as you know are our recommended florist's. To be honest you can't call Jane just a florist she is the most talented floral artist we have come across after many years in the wedding business.

Jane normally manages to get photographs from her weddings posted on her blog way before I can manage to get them on our web site so this little post is just away of saying a big thanks to Jane and Sally for putting on such a great evening and also me finally being able to say "I beat you to the post"

I am only sorry I was not able to attend, but somebody has to stay behind to see the clients!!!!

In the picture are Jane, Julie Dell (from ABC Video) and Sally. See you all very soon ladies.


ABC Video Blog said...

So you've actually managed it!!!

Flower Design Jane said...

I feel so tardy, I haven't even downloaded all the pics that Olivia took yet!
Thanks for your support we really appreciate it!, Steph you are a really big hit with both my daughters they think you are seriously cool!

sally said...

Well done Steve, you win the prize this time but now that you've raised the bar I'm sure we'll rise to the challenge!! Steph it was lovely to chat to you again, Cathy says hi xx