Monday, 1 December 2008

Nikon D3x Its Official At Last

Today Nikon announced the release of the long awaited and much talked about D3x. With a 24.5mp sensor and the superb D3 body and electronics its sure to be a winner in every way.

People have asked if we will be using the D3x, Im sure we will but at the moment the D3 is doing just fine and for me the most important factor is high ISO performance. I really only need the higher resolution for a number of architectural assignments and for the short term I will hire in a D3x when its needed.

I must admit to being a little surprised that no new Nikkor lenses were released today along with the new camera. We Nikon users really do need some fast wide angles and a new 85mm is long overdue. I have heard talk of a 35mm F1.8 and a great sounding 135mm F1.8 with VR. These would be of much more help to our photography than the new body.

However I do have a spare slot in the camera case for an extra body and in the long term I am sure a D3X will find a home in there.

Check out the link to the Nikon D3 site there are some fantastic sample images

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