Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Mary & Niall


On Saturday we photographed the wedding of Mary & Niall. The wedding service took place in Bromborough on the Wirral and the reception was held at the stunning Thornton Manor.





Thornton Manor must be one of the most beautiful and interesting venues in cheshire for weddings, with an interesting if brief history. We had a great time at the wedding and here a are a few images from the day.

Things are busy here as always well in fact a bit more so than normal. We are moving both home and business locations next week so all being well the next post on the blog will be from our new premises.

For the photographers out there the news from the big trade shows has been very thin on the ground. Yes Canon released the long awaited replacement for the 5d yes you guessed it the 5dMKII. Little of interest for me as a Nikon user. The long awaited fast prime Nikkor lenses still only surfaced in the form of a 50mm F1.4 AFS. We have one of these on order and should get delivery in December. The 50mm will replace our present 50mm F1.4 with a faster focus system and better correction of distortion.

Leica stole the show for me with the new M series lenses. I would love to say I had a new Noctilux F0.95 on order along with a 21mm F1.4 but at the crazy prices put on these by Leica they will be a distant dream for me. Leica just seem out of contact with reality at present but thats another story.

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