Thursday, 11 September 2008

Nikkor 24mm F3.5 Perspective Control Lens

The latest item of equipment to find a place in my equipment case is the new Nikkor 24mm F3.5 Perspective Control Lens.

This lens was yet another one of the reasons behind my move from Canon to Nikon cameras. I managed to locate my sample from Greys of Westminster possibly the best place in the world for the Nikon user. They have certainly become very close friends with my company credit card over the last few weeks.

Back to the lens itself. Compared to the canon example it is much sharper and the controls are easier to operate. Auto operation is possible in Aperture priority mode and there is a manual control for the aperture stop down via a large button on the top of the lens.

Designed to work with the D3 body operation becomes limited with the D300 and D700.

Despite being able to perform a lot of perspective control in Photo Shop a lens like this is vital for my type of architectural photography. In addition a number of special effects are possible by using the variable depth of field control.

Unlike a real view camera the Nikkor can only tilt in one axis at a time and it is also possible to have the lens modified by Nikon this enables rise and fall with tilt but not the swing facility. Mine will stay as supplied as this is the better configuration for architectural photography.

I am very please with results from the lens and it had its first paid work this week whilst photographing a construction site. Many people have reviewed the lens so a quick search will give you plenty of information. In the near future I will post some examples of the type of work I do with a tilt and shift lens.

In the meantime if you need one of these beauties I can fully endorse it you wont be disapointed

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