Sunday, 14 September 2008

New Products From Leica M82

Just heard that Leica has released details of a new upgrade to the M8 digital Range finder and also a selection of very interesting lenses which will I am sure be very popular with M8 users.

The MKII version of the M8 seems to be a minor upgrade and not the full frame version we all hoped for. However the lenses are very welcome news. It seems we are getting a 21mm and 24mm in F1.4 versions along with a F3.5 version of the 24mm.

The world famous Noctilux which ceased production some time ago has been replace with an even faster F0.95 version.

For me the most interesting news is the 21mm F1.4 as my focal length of choice on a M series film body was and still is 28mm I can now get this focal length on my digital M8 and have the advantage of the faster maximum aperture over my F2.8 version. Good news indeed..... as for price, I have no details as yet but you can bet they won't be cheap.

I will post more information as soon as I get it but will be very interested in your comments.

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