Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Nikon D700?

Today I was in a local camera store who has been my main supplier for many years. I was taking a look at The Nikon D300 as a possible addition to my inventory. In conversation I mentioned how I miss the size and low weight having changed to the Nikon D3.

In the past I have used the Canon 5D as a portrait camera, for those days when i just didn't want or need the weight and speed of the pro canon bodies. My dealer mentioned he had been told of a new Full Frame smaller nikon body possibly called the D700 which was being released in the near future. Like most of you I hear the industry gossip and take most of it with a pinch of salt but in the past my guy is right more than wrong.

He also mentioned some new tilt shift lenses which I was aware of and a new flash gun to replace the SB800. So on this basis I left having spent not a penny. He also mentioned a new 200mm Micro lens.

If this D700 camera is for real it will be a dream come true for Nikon users and along with the Canon 5D become the ideal wedding cameras. I have been convinced for some time a Hi res D3 body will be released and expect it very soon. What it will look like is any bodies guess but I hope it will be good given the move we made to Nikon gear this year.

I was told some time ago that the new Flag Ship Nikon body will be available in different modular specifications aimed at various pro requirements. So who knows Nikon could be going down the spec your own camera route "Nikon A La Carte" possibly.

Anyway it will be interesting to see what the next few months bring I just hope for some Fast Nikon Prime Lenses Please and a body which will compliment the D3 for critical commercial work. Go on Nikon make me even happier!!!

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