Thursday, 6 March 2008

Strobist Stuff

For some time I have been looking for a way to mount two hot shoe strobe units on a light stand. The reason behind this idea is to get 2x power or much shorter recycle times. In many situations I need to use flash outdoors when doing portrait sessions. The solution I found was made by an American company Brewer Brackets. This s a fantastic and simple bit of kit which can transform your strobist style flash work.

Here is the set up I use for lighting large wedding groups or providing enough light to overpower strong daylight when shooting outdoor. Two Canon 580EX speedlights are mounted on the bracket and I bounce into a 37" soft silver umbrella. I use two Canon battery packs to give me extra quick recharge times. (note only one power pack in this image, Stephanie seems to like these things to!!)

Here is a link to Brewer Brackets web site. The guy who makes these things is so willing to help and I got my two brackets in less than 10 days. Pretty good service.

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