Friday, 11 January 2008

Just some advise to Bride & Grooms

Many potential wedding client ask us if we have worked in a certain wedding venue before or if we think a certain venue is good for wedding photography. We are on the list of reccomended wedding photographers at a number of superb venues around the country but here is my warning to you as a couple looking for a wedding photographer.

Over the past year or so a number of venues have started to charge photographers to go on their list of reccomended photographers. We came across this with the Palm House in Sefton Park Liverpool. Despite being on their list for some time we could only continue this

tionship if we paid a considerable sum of money. The upshot of this tactic is that the venue generates some revenue but if we don't pay they don't reccomend us.

To me this seems unethical you should recceive any reccomendation based on past work and how well the venue knows your work and style. Needless to say we refused to pay to be reccomended and as such are no longer on the list.

In the case of the Palm House this has the added fact that only photographers who have paid can have access to certain parts of the venue putting clients at a distinct disadvantage. Please be aware that in wedding photography all is not what it seems and make sure you see examples of your wedding photographers work.

Most venues still operate a very open and honest polict as to the wedding professionals they do reccomend but there are those unethical people out there so be warned if they are this dishonest with you can you trust them to manage you special day for you. In the case of The Palm House this venue is operated by a local council and as such it seems wrong that a venue which is funded by the tax payer can operate such a closed shop.

Just to show that we do know this venue and love to work here I have posted a couple of images from a recent wedding which went on be be featured in a number of UK wedding magazines.

I promise not to turn this blog into a place let off steam but at times I feel very strongly that people should be warned of things happening in our industry

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Dawn Longton said...

Steve this is a disgrace I found you article whilst looking for a photographer for my wedding in Liverpool. I was considering the palm house but reading this has really put me off.

I hope to speak to you soon when we have a booked venue.

Thanks so much for shearing this information. Have you considered informing the local press?