Thursday, 6 December 2007

Stalingrad Paris

Stalingrad Paris
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I spent a lot of time just roaming the Paris Metro Tubes and stations. They are such interesting places but you always feel such solitude. Taken again on the Leica MP with 35mm F1.4 Lens


Andy Stuart (Manchester) said...

I am looking to get a Leica film camera, what would you suggest as a good starting kit? The camera you are using has no light meter, am I correct? If so how do you work out correct exposure when working quickly? Last question which B&W film was used for these?

Steve said...

Andy, simply any Leica is better than no Leica. If you look at a 1960 vintage M3 or the latest MP little has changed, so look and see what you can afford and if possible get a 35mm Lens. There are some very good M6 bodies around at the moment plus some M7s are showing as people move to digital and the M8. Exposure wise I monitor light were I am working and keep the camera set to a suitable exposure. In most cases I use an informed guess!! The MP does have a light meter and it works very well. Learn the old sunny F16 rule and you wont go far wrong. Let me know what you decide.