Thursday, 13 December 2007

Location Flash

A number of people have e-mailed asking for advice on flash equipment and whilst I shoot using available light were possible, at times we need to resort to flash lighting. Firstly try if possible to get the flash off camera if you can, simply by using a remote flash cable, but the best option when time permits is to use some form of studio lighting.

These days I do not even take studio flash heads with me on wedding or portrait jobs, I simple use Canon speedlights with some sort of diffuser or brolly. Below are two pictures of the set up I use at weddings.

All you need is a simple studio flash stand, as small as possibe so its easy to carry and move about, to this add a tilting flash bracket and a small brolly. I trigger the flash with a Canon Remote Flash unit. This clever device enables me to use either automatic or manual flash settings and is so easy to use you would not beleive.

In its most simple form I will use one flash and a reflector but you can add extra lights soft boxes you name it. The great thing is all the kit fits into a small bag and weighs next to nothing. Go on give it a go you won't look back !!

All the bits you need can be purchased from most good photo stores, but if you have any problems try uk retailer "Speed Graphic" tell them what you want to do and they will sort out the kit for you.

In a later post I will show the rest of our location lighting kit but in the meantime check out the link to the strobist website. Here you will find loads of good ideas and tips on using portable flash equipment.


Mark said...

Thanks for all this info, Steve - you're a real mine of information!

Mark / bitrot

Anonymous said...

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