Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Leica M8 Why?

For some time now I have been having problems with my Canon EOS 1D MKIII Cameras. There has been a focus issue with these cameras since they were released. In addition to this the support from Canon UK can only be described as a Joke.

The retailer who supplied my Canon bodies agreed to take them back and on Monday this week I exchanged a Canon for a new Leica M8.

The main reason for going down the Leica route was to have access to a small discreet camera which in many ways suits my style of photography much more than a big DSLR. I have a set of Leica lenses and have used film Leica's for a long time. So the change was made and I must say I am so pleased with the M8. I just love it. Image quality is very good and I think it will soon find a place in the wedding equipment bag.

At present I am looking at the best way to deal with the DNG files produced by the M8, along with getting to know the new camera.
I am sure more postings will follow on the subject of the LEica M8

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