Saturday, 20 October 2007

Portfolio Editing

Just returned from a small wedding coverage in Preston today a nice wedding with lots of lovely detail and sixteen great guests. We get a lot of weddings with small groups of close friends making up the guest list and today was one of these. It makes a pleasant change as the last 3 jobs have been big 12-15 hour full coverage, so its nice to be home before midnight.

My main ongoing task at the moment is selecting images for our new web site which is going live in a few weeks its fun going through the stock files looking for any jems which can be used. These two have just been re worked using some new photoshop filters. I like the results.

Im doing this entry whilst todays cards download and backup discs burn and then off to watch some Rugby..


Anonymous said...

Steve, I think this is a great idea and I will be a regular visitor. The images are superb and a visit to your web site was a pure pleasure. Good luck, Farah x

bugJAR said...

Hi Steve, Nice blog. Thank you for putting yourself out there for advice. I have been driving myself crazy the past 48 hours trying to find recommendations for great quality, small colorful photobooks for kids and families that have a solid wedding feel, but not a wedding price. Any advice?

Steve Ashton said...

Hi Bugjar, we use all Jorgensen Albums which you will be able to get hold of in the States, but they are expensive. Do you have a company called Sim2000 over there. They market some nice product for portrait photographers. Also the Apple iphoto books are good fun I use them for a lot of my own personal stuff.

Thanks for the post and hope to see you again. Steve